The Sleep Training Process

At Shine Each Day we know how hard parenting can be and we know that it is difficult to be your best self when you are exhausted. That is why we are excited to work with you to determine what is working and what is not working for your family. We will talk on the phone or in person so that we can learn the following things:

  • Family members
  • Birth and delivery information
  • Medical concerns
  • Current sleep situation
  • Child and parent temperaments
  • Your goals

With that information we will develop a custom daily schedule, including: wake time, meals, snacks, naps, and routines. We will also create a plan of how to implement the new changes and how to best help your child adjust to being able to self-soothe and sleep through the night independently.

When you are ready to begin the new schedule, we will be available via phone, text or email to support you with whatever questions come up. We will help you make a plan on how to respond to your child so that you feel prepared and confident.

In our experience, peaceful sleep is very possible within one week and for many families, significant results are seen in two-three nights.

Level 1:

  • 60-minute consultation
  • Sleep education
  • Verbal suggestions for modifications

Level 2:

  • 60-minute consultation
  • Sleep education
  • Detailed, custom daily schedule and implementation plan
  • Phone support during implementation
  • Follow up support for one week

Level 3:

  • 60-minute consultation
  • Sleep education
  • Detailed, custom daily schedule and implementation plan
  • Phone support during implementation
  • Follow up support for 3-months

Why wait another night?
Contact us for a free 20-minute consultation to determine how we can help you have more energy to enjoy your family and life even more!

Free Consultation

Fully Responsive

We are here for you!

Why have one more sleepless night?

Ready to support and implement when you are.

Custom Plan

Detailed daily schedule

A plan that fits your needs.

We will create a plan that meets the needs of your unique family.

Immediate Support

Available when you need us.

Not sure what to do now...

We are able to support you via email and text to get you through the tough spots.

Peaceful Sleep

It really is possible!

Are you ready for it?

Parents and children need restorative sleep. You can have it soon!

Keys to Peaceful Sleep – Free Download

“Our daughter, London was a “colicky” baby from the start. Feeding her was like a wrestling match and getting her to sleep was not much easier. After many long nights and months of frustration, we decided to seek help. Kathy Matthews, who lives in another state and had never met London, listened to our current situation and put together a feeding and sleep schedule. Results were instantaneous! Our baby  is finally at ease from her feeding issues and able to just be happy! Added benefit is how well rested and happy her parents are! Thanks Kathy.”

 ~ Brandon and Nikki – CO

Why Choose Us

  • You do not need to leave your home to get the help you need.
  • Times available to receive coaching support is flexible to meet your demanding schedule.
  • Proven strategies that are customized to your family.
  • Fully trained coaches to support your questions.
  • Text and email support while you implement the changes.
  • Masters in Education and Parent Education License from University of MN
  • Masters of Business Administration from University of St. Thomas
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Proven strategies to help children sleep through the night
  • Successfully supported hundreds of parents to find peaceful sleep
  • 13-years experience working with parents providing tools and strategies to create positive connections within their family

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