“We worked with Kathy to help our 4.5-month-old son sleep better. He was waking several times throughout the night (7+). Also, his naps were often very short (20-40 minutes). We have worked hard to develop a good emotional connection with him…so he feels safe and attached to us. We were looking for an approach where we didn’t need to see him cry for a long period of time and lose that security we had developed with him.

Kathy helped us create a plan that we could feel confident in. Because she identified several nuances that were unique to our situation, we felt really good with the plan. We were very excited when we saw progress the first night! Very quickly our son eliminated 4+ wake-ups per night!

After focusing on the nighttime routine, we switched to helping with his daytime naps. Here too, change happened quickly. He now frequently naps 60-90 minutes. We’re very happy we took action when we did and that Kathy was able to guide us along the way. Thank you, Kathy!”

~ Dr. Tye and Samantha, 4.5 month old


“I was so sleep deprived as a mother of a one-year-old that woke every 2 hours, I was at my breaking point. Lucky for me, I met Kathy. She told me that my son could be sleeping for 11-12 hours each night. At first, I thought that was absolutely impossible as I had tried white noise, sleeping on the floor by his crib, rocking or nursing him to sleep every time he woke up, co-sleeping, as well as weighted sleep sacks, and nothing worked.

Kathy came to my house and devised a sleep plan that catered to my son’s age, temperament and personality. Within three nights and minimal crying my son started sleeping through the night for 11 hours straight! He is a happier baby and has developed a life-long skill that will set him up for success. We would have never been able to do this without Kathy’s coaching, support and knowledge. Our whole family thanks her!”
~ Sarah and Chris, 1-year-old


“We met Kathy when Eva was around 6 months old. At that time we were in the middle of lots of sicknesses. This lead to Eva only wanting to sleep with me. This included naps. We had never planned on co-sleeping and desperately needed a change. Around 9 months I was at my wits-end and finally agreed to sleep training with Kathy’s help.

We made a plan with Kathy which involved making many changes to our daily routine, including my husband putting her to bed.  One evening I went out with my girlfriends and my husband told me he was going to begin the process. I was anxious, but agreed, and I also agreed to stop bringing her into our bed in the middle of the night. The first hour and a half was tough, but my husband stuck to the plan, and then she slept in her crib…for 11 hours! The next night she only fussed for 2 minutes. I was in shock and cried tears of joy and relief!

Since then Eva has remained a great sleeper.  I am beyond grateful that Kathy was able to help us with sleep training. I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her help! My only regret is that I should have listened to her and began the training process earlier!”
 ~ Sarah and Dave, 9-month old


“My family started working with Kathy when my daughter was about 1.5 years old. Trying to get my daughter to fall asleep was stressful as it often took hours and included many, many tears. She occasionally woke up at night as well and again it took the same process to fall back asleep. My husband and I were exhausted so we turned to Kathy.

She took time to not only understand our goals, but also our values and approach to parenting. Kathy didn’t focus just on sleep but on my child’s overall well-being. She worked with us to develop a detailed personalized plan and was easily available for questions. My husband and I were astonished at the results. Within days, my daughter was able to stay asleep through the night, and soon after she could fall asleep on her own quickly and without any tears.

My family flourished in other ways as well; she ate better, was in a better more even mood, my husband and I had some time to ourselves each night, and we were well rested to allow us to be better parents. I can’t say enough how Kathy’s guidance has helped our family.”

~Renu and Vishesh, 1.5-year-old


“Working with Kathy was amazing. The only thing that would’ve been better than Kathy’s sleep training would be if she actually adopted Boden until he turned 4. ” hahaha

“I wish I would’ve called Kathy 6 months earlier and 6 books sooner for help with sleep training!  Kathy listened and provided us with, not only a step-by-step plan, but tools to implement the new routine as well, which also helped to motivate and excite our son about sleep.

It took two nights and our son has slept in his own bed, all night, from 7:00 pm-7:30 am, in addition to a consistent nap from 12:30 – 2:30 daily.  We are beyond thankful.”

~Jess and Todd, 3.5 year old


I first reached out to Kathy when my baby was 7 months old as we were in a routine of nursing to sleep, leading to frequent night wakings. This is our second baby and we never experienced this the first time around so I kept hoping it might resolve itself. I was already tired, but evidently not enough to be ready to make a change. Fast forward 2.5 months later and I was exhausted, struggling to even nurse her to sleep and often waking more than once per hour overnight. I knew she wasn’t getting the sleep she needed to be her best self and I certainly wasn’t either.

What held me back the most was feeling that my baby was going to think I didn’t love her or care about her, that I was abandoning her in favor of sleep. Kathy’s calm confidence in creating a plan to best suit the needs of our baby and our comfort level, eased my apprehension. Through zoom calls, text and email we were able to communicate with Kathy, and appreciated all of her support, suggestions, and guidance.

I expected my husband to have an intense first night full of crying as he took on disassociating nursing and sleep. I was literally flabbergasted when he told me she only cried off and on for under 20 minutes before falling asleep on her own. Her first night amounted to one waking and she was able to put herself back to sleep and logged 12 hours of sleep!!!! Within 3 or 4 days she was going down happy, sleeping 12 hours, and overall less cranky, more predictable 10-month-old. Nearly 2 weeks later, I am able to replicate the nighttime routine we established and put her to sleep without frustration and dependence on nursing!

My husband and I are beyond thankful to have our evenings back and restful overnights for everyone!

~ Katie and Adam, 10 month old