Time to SPRING ahead!


Time to SPRING ahead!  Tips to make the transition easier Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, and we are getting a little bit warmer weather! YAY! However, that also means it is that time of year again when we have to change the clocks for daylight savings! Which means that the clocks [...]

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Free Webinar – Create Connections and gain cooperation


Does connecting with your child seem so much harder during this pandemic? Do you feel like they don’t listen and you are yelling more? I know this is not how you want things to be. Can you relate? If the answer is yes, I. want you to know that there is hope and ways that [...]

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Four month sleep regression


In my last post I talked about developmental leaps and sleep regression. These leaps cause many challenges for parents and the one that people complain the most about is the 4-month sleep regression. Often parents are feeling wonderful when their 3-month old is sleeping through the night and then all of a sudden, their sweet [...]

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Back to school tips


With the cooler weather and the sun starting to set earlier, I have caught myself saying – it feels like fall! While I am loving every 80-degree, beautiful sunny day, there is that feeling that comes when we get a few cooler days and nights…things are changing! Change stirs up many feelings for most of [...]

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Feeling stressed or out of control?


Feeling out of control as a parent is never a good feeling. Dealing with all that COVID has brought us, racial injustice, and worrying about what school will be like for our kids, has us all a little uneasy. The above wordle was created by parents on a webinar discussing what parenting is like during [...]

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Touchpoints create a sense of ‘normal’ and keep us connected


Starting a new school year can be an exciting time but add in the coronavirus pandemic - parents and kids are presented with logistical hurdles and a different set of anxieties, stressors and challenges. For most parents, anxiety typically causes us to lose our cool. It is important to remember that your kids are close [...]

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Why does my child misbehave?


I often get asked "why does my child misbehave?" Unfortunately, children are going to test, push and behave in ways that we don’t like sometimes. Kids exhibit challenging behavior like whining, hitting, biting, screaming, talking back or throwing things for one of the following reasons: It works They want to get out of doing something [...]

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Parent Boot Camp


When I became a mother (20 years ago) I searched for the ‘right’ answers to so many questions. I wanted to know what was best to feed my son, what to do when he fussed, what to do when he didn’t sleep, and what to do when he was constipated. Everyone I asked had a [...]

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