Four month sleep regression


In my last post I talked about developmental leaps and sleep regression. These leaps cause many challenges for parents and the one that people complain the most about is the 4-month sleep regression. Often parents are feeling wonderful when their 3-month old is sleeping through the night and then all of a sudden, their sweet [...]

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Why does my child misbehave?


I often get asked "why does my child misbehave?" Unfortunately, children are going to test, push and behave in ways that we don’t like sometimes. Kids exhibit challenging behavior like whining, hitting, biting, screaming, talking back or throwing things for one of the following reasons: It works They want to get out of doing something [...]

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Parent Boot Camp


When I became a mother (20 years ago) I searched for the ‘right’ answers to so many questions. I wanted to know what was best to feed my son, what to do when he fussed, what to do when he didn’t sleep, and what to do when he was constipated. Everyone I asked had a [...]

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3 ways to get your child to cooperate


Do you find yourself spending your days saying things like? “Why do you do that?” “STOP IT!” “You know better than that!” “Why can’t you just listen?” Then things usually escalate and someone yells, threats get made, things may be thrown, and the stress level rises. No one wants their days to be like this [...]

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Melatonin and Children


Melatonin and Children Are you using or thought about using melatonin to help your kids get to sleep? I have been hearing more and more parents resorting to using a synthetic (store bought) melatonin to help get their children to calm down and get to sleep. I totally understand why parents would want to try [...]

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Tips to Diffuse a Toddler’s Meltdown


Tips to Diffuse a Toddler’s Meltdown As much as you love your toddler, parenting your young child can sometimes be frazzling and stressful! Factor in that you might be a stay-at-home parent – on call 24 hours a day – and some days might make you feel like a ticking time bomb! But take heart! [...]

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What does it mean to be a parent who dares greatly?


What does it mean to be a parent who dares greatly? I recently read Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. It was a powerful book full of lessons encouraging us to have the courage to be vulnerable and transform the way we live, love, parent and lead. If you are not familiar with Brené Brown, she [...]

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A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Child to Sleep Alone


A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Child to Sleep Alone Who’s been sleeping in your bed? If your child is waking you up at night wanting to climb under the covers with you, you could be missing out on the rest you need to handle your responsibilities at work and home. More importantly, it’s important [...]

A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Child to Sleep Alone2021-02-07T21:08:14+00:00

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