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Kathy holds an MBA and M.Ed along with a Coaching Certification and Parent Education license. She works with parents to solve sleep problems and challenging behaviors with their children.

Daylight Savings is this weekend! Tips to prepare


Daylight savings comes to an end every year in the fall. This year it is on Sunday, November 6, 2022, at 2:00 am. Whether you agree it should exist or not – it does in many states! Many people do not appreciate this transition because it messes with their own sleep and their children’s sleep. [...]

Daylight Savings is this weekend! Tips to prepare2022-10-31T03:07:03+00:00

Time to SPRING ahead!


Time to SPRING ahead!  Tips to make the transition easier Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, and we are getting a little bit warmer weather! YAY! However, that also means it is that time of year again when we have to change the clocks for daylight savings! Which means that the clocks [...]

Time to SPRING ahead!2022-03-01T01:28:06+00:00

The Power of Letting Go of What You Can’t Control


We are one month into 2021. Like many of you, I have high hopes that 2021 will be so much better than 2020. What I have been reminded of over the past year was to keep perspective on what I have control of and what I don’t. Life during this pandemic can feel very overwhelming [...]

The Power of Letting Go of What You Can’t Control2021-03-08T23:39:55+00:00

Is it time to transition to a big kid bed?


There comes a time in every child’s life when they move from the crib to a big kid bed! Parents have all sorts of mixed emotions about this transition. Such as… ‘I’m so sad the baby phase is over to I am fearful of the freedom he will have!’ Some children like my son, decided [...]

Is it time to transition to a big kid bed?2021-02-07T21:08:13+00:00

The Power of Gratitude


Do you grumble when you hear someone say "Happy Thanksgiving" and think, "what is there happy about this Thanksgiving? We don't get to do anything like we used to." Are you struggling to find things to be grateful for this season? So many people have suffered such hardship and loss this year. I am with [...]

The Power of Gratitude2020-11-24T16:13:11+00:00

How do you feel about change?


Some of us celebrate the changing seasons, enjoying the brisk air and the red- and gold-covered trees. While the trees change naturally, many of us resist change, even when we don’t like how things are going. For some, it may feel like it takes too much time to learn a new way of doing things [...]

How do you feel about change?2020-10-16T00:59:29+00:00

Free Webinar – Create Connections and gain cooperation


Does connecting with your child seem so much harder during this pandemic? Do you feel like they don’t listen and you are yelling more? I know this is not how you want things to be. Can you relate? If the answer is yes, I. want you to know that there is hope and ways that [...]

Free Webinar – Create Connections and gain cooperation2020-10-08T23:59:22+00:00

Four month sleep regression


In my last post I talked about developmental leaps and sleep regression. These leaps cause many challenges for parents and the one that people complain the most about is the 4-month sleep regression. Often parents are feeling wonderful when their 3-month old is sleeping through the night and then all of a sudden, their sweet [...]

Four month sleep regression2020-10-02T00:17:49+00:00

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