I have been blessed to have multiple “careers” in my life. I started off in the corporate setting loving the technology field, serving customers, providing training, and managing employees. After having a child, and enduring a major corporate layoff, I decided that I wanted to follow my passion for teaching and spend more time with my children.

It was then that I completed my Masters in Education and Parent Education License and began working in Early Childhood Family Education. During that process, I was blessed with a beautiful little girl! I found being a Parent Educator offered me the best of both worlds, allowing me to balance what I loved doing professionally while having the opportunity to spend special time with my children.

Forward a few years down the road to the present where I continue to love what I do and would like to expand my reach to more families that could use the support of a Parent Coach.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Licensed Parent Educator, I will partner with you to determine what is working and what is not working for your family. I provide compassionate listening, tested strategies, and support to make the changes you desire. I know firsthand how challenging parenting can be and I also know that a little new knowledge to add to our parenting toolbox, goes a long way!

I have a Masters in Business Administration and have had over 20 years of experience in leadership and project management. I also hold a Masters of Education with seventeen years of experience working for Eden Prairie Schools as a Parent Educator facilitating weekly classes with parents, providing individual family consultations as well as providing peer coaching to fellow teachers.

I reside in Minneapolis with my two children and enjoy taking part in all of their activities as well as being active outdoors: hiking, sailing, and playing pickleball!

I look forward to meeting you!

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“At 9 months of age, our daughter was still waking up multiple times a night, usually only sleeping 3-4 hours at a stretch, sometimes less. Kathy came over one evening and helped us come up with a plan of action. Over the next few nights and days we followed her suggestions carefully, nursing baby with the light still on, and putting her down sleepy but still awake. We tweaked her daytime nap schedule, following her cues of sleepiness. Within two days she was sleeping 14 hours through the night and consolidated her daytime sleep into one 2-3 hour nap. We can hear that she still wakes up several times a night, but she quickly and quietly puts herself back to sleep without the need of external help. It has quite literally changed our lives!”
~ Laura and Alex – MN

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