With the cooler weather and the sun starting to set earlier, I have caught myself saying – it feels like fall! While I am loving every 80-degree, beautiful sunny day, there is that feeling that comes when we get a few cooler days and nights…things are changing!

Change stirs up many feelings for most of us. However, how we choose to look at the change impacts how we move through it. We can choose to resist it, dig our heels in and say I don’t like it and I don’t want things to change, but even as much as I love summer, the leaves in MN are still going to change! Or we can choose to embrace the change, knowing we may have to let go of some things we really like and do some things that may feel uncomfortable. The crazy thing is that when we embrace the change and modify our perspective of it, we may find we like how things are different and that we have grown through the change.

While this fall will be unlike any we have experienced before, you will figure things out, you will move through it and you will likely become stronger because of it. This is resilience – developing the capacity to adapt in challenging times!

You can help your children move into the fall with a positive attitude by helping them prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for school. Here are some things that you can do:

  1. Manage your own worry and stress because your children will pick up on it. Practice calming techniques and model them for your children when you feel anxious or stressed.
  2. Manage what your children overhear from you and others.
  3. Talk about how they are feeling and validate where they are at. Help them develop coping strategies and sayings that help with worry, stress or anxiety. “I am feeling nervous, but I can work through this.”
  4. Discuss what went well last year and what didn’t go so well. Create a plan of action for this coming year.
  5. Develop a routine that is going to work for the family. Work together to write out the weekly schedule and use visuals when appropriate.
  6. Create a space for schoolwork to be done. Minimize distractions, make it a fun, happy place to hang out!
  7. Practice skills they may need in school – wearing a mask, proper handwashing, using hand sanitizer, social distancing.
  8. Begin going to bed earlier and getting up earlier at least a week before school starts.
  9. Engage in self-compassion and practice gratitude.
  10. Plan something they can look forward to at the end of the first week. Maybe a special dinner, a picnic, an outing or a treat.

Most importantly, keep expectations for yourself and your children realistic. This is a challenging time and there is no perfect way to parent during a pandemic…. or ever, for that matter! Be gentle with yourself and others!

If you are looking for more ideas to grow your parenting, I have two suggestions for you:

  1. You can listen to the video recording of the webinar conversation I had with other parents called Parenting during Covid. There are great ideas you may find helpful.
  2. If you are feeling like your family life is chaotic and there is a great deal of friction in your home, it is a good time to do a reset. When there are changes, like school starting, it is a good time to try some new things – like the way we plan for things, the way we talk to each other, the way we connect and when we have fun together!

Now is a great time to sign up for the online classParenting during COVID – Parent boot camp to create connection, cooperation, and calmness. It contains 2 hours of video lessons and resources that will help you:

  • Learn what your own triggers are and new ways to handle them.
  • Develop a vision and plan to guide your parenting and get all members on the same page.
  • Understand what it really means to be your child’s emotion coach and have more times of connection versus disconnection.
  • Strategies that will help gain cooperation and create more calmness.

You can view the videos with your parenting partner and start parenting the way you want to parent – with no yelling and screaming!

Many parents don’t think twice about sending their children to sports and enrichment activities, but when was the last time you put time and energy into becoming the type of parent you really want to be? Now is the time to lay a solid foundation!

Sign up for access to the four lessons for $77. If you are not fully satisfied, I will gladly refund your money!

Sign me up!

There is no time like the present to take control of the things you have control of in your life!