Feeling out of control as a parent is never a good feeling. Dealing with all that COVID has brought us, racial injustice, and worrying about what school will be like for our kids, has us all a little uneasy.

The above wordle was created by parents on a webinar discussing what parenting is like during COVID. You can see that the feeling range from peaceful to uncertain with many parents feeling stressed and challenged.

During the past six months, my focus has been – control what I can control and make the best decisions with the information I have at the time. This has helped me move through those days when things feel very overwhelming!
With that being said, if you are feeling like your family life is chaotic and there is a great deal of friction in your home, it is a good time to push the reset button, because it is something that is in your control. Try some new things – like the way you plan for things, the way you talk to each other, the way you connect, and taking time to have fun together!
You could read five or six parenting books, attend many classes, and ask other people their opinions, or you could sign up for an online class that captures all the key elements to strengthen your family relationships and reduce the chaos!
Now is a great time to sign up for the online class: Parenting during COVID – Parent boot camp to create connection, cooperation, and calmness. It contains over two hours of video lessons and resources that will help you:

  • Learn what your own triggers are and new ways to handle them.
  • Look at your child’s challenging behavior in a new light.
  • Develop a vision and plan to guide your parenting and get all members on the same page.
  • Understand what it really means to be your child’s emotion coach and have more times of connection versus conflict.
  • Utilize strategies that will help gain cooperation and create more calmness.

You can view the videos with your parenting partner and start parenting the way you want to parent – with no yelling or threatening!
Many parents don’t think twice about signing their children up for sports and enrichment activities but seem to be reluctant to spend resources on themselves. When was the last time you put time and energy into becoming the type of parent you really want to be? Now is the time to lay a solid foundation!
Sign up for access to the four lessons for $77. If you are not fully satisfied, I will gladly refund your money!
Now is the time for change – why not make some changes that are in your control and will benefit your family for years to come.

Sign up now!

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Sending you peace and blessings.