Keys to Peaceful Sleep for the Whole Family

Getting kids to bed and having them stay in their beds is one of the biggest challenges I hear from parents on a regular basis. Whether it is trying to get your infant to fall asleep on their own and sleep through the night, getting your preschooler to not use stall tactics, or getting your teenager to go to bed! All of them can be so frustrating at the end of the day when all parents want to do is to go to bed themselves!

Making healthy, restorative sleep a priority in your family will allow you to enjoy:

  • more patience
  • better communications
  • more cooperation
  • better health

Following are Keys to Peaceful Sleep at any age.

Sleep Cues – notice when you and your children start to disengage or get spacey. This is the time to quickly get ready for bed. Waiting too long allows one to get overtired which then takes another 45-60 minutes to come back down to a place where your mind and body are ready to sleep.

Calm Space – the bedroom should be a calm, quiet space free from bright colors, bright lights, toys and electronics. Begin to calm the house with low lights and turning off devices at least 60-minutes prior to bedtime.

Routines – develop routines that take 20-30 minutes to cue the body and mind that it is time to sleep. Providing a picture schedule for preschoolers can help them feel independent and in control. These may include changing clothes, washing up, meditating or reading a book – not on a device. Blue light stimulates the body to be awake.

Sleep time – sleep on a firm, well supportive mattress where the temperature is comfortable. Infants should always be placed on their backs without pillows, blankets or stuffed animals. Do deep, belly breathing to slow the mind and the body down for sleep. Learn how to belly breathe by watching this video.

Humans are the only species that actually intentionally avoid sleep! Take care of your body for today and the future by getting the sleep your body requires to function optimally!

Many families need support in figuring out how to implement these keys and I would love to help you. Contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation. You can find more information on sleep, especially for children, at